free hourly door prizes 

For the September 19 show, free autograph photo or card from a previous signing OR free pack of cards to the 1st 200 show attendees.

    Masks are required for all from 8:30 to 1 for the September 19 show.  Mask are recommended before 8:30 am & after 1 pm for those who are vaccinated.  Thank you.  Diamond Authentic Grading will be accepting cards to be graded at the Columbus Day show, not September 19
More about the Card Show include just added September 19 show floor plan

Cardboard Promotions Private Signings & Mail Order on Public Signings

Mail Order Specials from Previous Signings (finally & completed updated 8/26/21)

Show Vendor Info
including 2021 show schedule

Card Show run by Cardboard Promotions LLC since 1991.Web page last updated September 15.  Any questions or to be
 added to our email list, please email or call or text Doug Keating at 508-369-2471

Show Vendor Steve Rosenblum is looking to buy card collections at the show or anywhere. 
 He can be contacted at or a or 732-547-4381